Seriously unserious tennis.


The newest game to Tennis

Open Court sessions   Get Your Racquet On

It new, it’s here. If you’re a lapsed or a new player come back and try this great opportunity – commitment free.

The focus is on the social with new equipment modified for Young Adults (25 - 45), BBQ, Music and Drinks.  Join the community side of our club with no membership commitment. You pay as you play. 

Get back into self-paced exercise, relieve stress, and enjoy this new activity with your friends. Fun formats to ease back into the game.

How it Works
• All players will play on each court at least once.
• All players will play with different partners and against different opponents throughout the entire session.
• Modified equipment, courts, and formats to level the play, this will help ease new and lapsed players back to the game.
• There’s time to socialize over food and drinks.

2+ hosts
20 players
2 courts
10 minutes of the serious stuff, you know the briefing and instructions.
50 minutes of the fun stuff on court.
Mini courts, red balls, sponge balls, pickleball, orange court, singles, doubles and triples, scoring for fun, all non competitive.
30+ minutes of social over eats and drinks and music playing throughout the whole session.

Open Court involves the use of tailored equipment, rotational games/activities which encourage maximum participation, and for the competitive ones, fun, flexible scoring formats. For those with a busy schedules but want a social activity with a touch of exercise in a short amount of time.


  • Weekly sessions run for 8 weeks

  • commences Friday 7th February 6:30 – 8pm

  • $20 pp

REGISTER TO PLAY (Click Below to Get Your Racqet On !)


* Dress comfy (think sneakers)                               * No tennis gear required                                * Come with or without a crew   * Session goes for 90 minutes                                * Book a session and just show up                * Young Adults (25 - 45)               

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